Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1. Humidity is not a friend of mine

Have mercy it was humid tonight. Coming off the day off has already proved to be a huge obstacle, but throwing in about a 110% humidity on top of an area that smells like 40 hells and today is asking for trouble. All things considered though, I dont think today was that bad of a run. For some reason my alarmingly slow pace has gotten alarminglyer slower, but I'm feeling better and breathing better. Eh. It is what is is. All that said, I have never written on this blog a thanks to God who for has answered my prayers and provided me with the motivation and strength to do this thing. I CAN do all things through Christ, who strengthens me, because I sure know that I couldnt do this on my own. I also want to thank Jana who is sacrificing a TON to allow me the time to go down to Elkin to run every night/morning. She has been crazy supportive and I srsly am grateful to her for this.
Weather: Warm and Humid
Time: 7:15pm
Pre Run Meal: Flat bread, banana, peanut butter, honey:
Clothes: shorts. Shoes. T-shirts. Hat
Course: Elkin Downtown
Run Time: 42:51 Stopped Time: 0:00 Distance: 4.16 miles Average: 10:18 /mile Fastest Pace: 8:55 /mile

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