Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 5. Busiest day EVER

5:00 am was the wake up call for the longest scheduled run to date.  I was SO dang jacked for this.  I picked up a new pair of moisture wicking socks and a moisture wicking shirt at Fleet Feet.  Out the door by about 5:30am but no gas stations or Food Lion open! what?  I did find a quick stop open and hooked myself up with a gatorade and a banana for breakfast. Delicious.  I also decided to park at the church this day for a whole new route.  This route was AWESOME! It was ALL up hill except for the two monster downhill stretches.  I popped in a Gu Gummy at mile 2 and mile 7 and I gotta say they worked.  I felt better this run that the last long run.  Coulda probably ran 5 or 6 more miles to be completely honest, but we had a trip planned to Carowinds today so I cut it off at 8.67.  Let me say this, running this early in the am is majestic.  Running while the sun rising is nothing short of amazing.  Its awesome be up this early running while God starting his day.
Weather:  68 degrees and perfect
Pre Game Meal:  Banana and a gatorade
Clothes:  MW socks, MW shirt, Hat, Shoes
Course: Jonesville Chruch through downtow, up through speedy chef, back
Stats:  8.67 miles in like 1.5 hours.  I'm slow.  Whatever

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