Monday, May 21, 2012

May 18-21 CHAOS

Since we last spoke, TONS has happened in the quest for 26.  Thursday, the Mighty Mighty Purps were destroyed, again, however the beatdown did allow me to runa bout 42 miles in the outfield.  So tired.  Friday, I tried something different.  I took the day off.  It.  Was.  AMAZING.  Saturday Was the big scheduled 9 mile but hoping for 11 mile run.  Beautiful day, but I accidentally woke up the girls.  That did not go over well at all.  My bad.  Saturday was the 1st time with the new watch on a long run.  It was cool, except it cut off on me.  Twice.  That sucked, however it caused me to run 12.24 miles instead of 11. I felt great though! WOW did I feel good.  I wasnt even remotely tired after that run.  Sunday, 4 miles in under 39 minutes.  New record.  Monday, day off but I also paid for the NY trip.  On a credit card though.  Give me money.

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