Friday, May 11, 2012

May 10 and 11 HERD UP!!

I'm starting to get lazy with this blogging thing.  Lets see, May 10 was consumed with the revitalization of the Mighty Purple Herd!  Read about that HERE.  I did get in about 2.75 miles behind my place of business.  Cars dont care.  They drive right at you.  Cars dont care!  This was the 3rd day in a row that I was averaging a sub 10 minute mile.  Thats my new goal for my weekly short runs in hopes that it will make my longer runs more tolerable.
On Thursday I did the 4.5 mile "crawl" where the goal was to run a slow easy approx 11 minute mile for 45 miles.  I did feel tremendous but i'm getting pretty tired of the potheads taking over my starting gate.  Thats frustrating.  They should go elsewhere instead of a park where kids play.  /endrant

Tomorrow (Saturday) is a HUGE day.  I'm only scheduled to run 8.5 but I really want to bust off 10.  5:30 in the am.  I feel ready.  If my left ankle will hold up I got this.

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