Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28. Tremendous

Today was my 3rd "long run" of the pre training. I'm having a hard time sleeping the night before these longer runs so I decided to get to bed a touch earlier than I normally do on Friday nights. We went out for some dinner on Friday and I had something called Egyptian bread which is completely sinful. On top of that I put down a vegetarian spaghetti to do the whole carb loading thing. Gameday--I got up "early" and went to my usual spot at the Elkin park to stretch and such. It was chilly and I found myself a touch tight. I did however make a quick pit stop at the Shell to grab two gatorades. Oddly enough I had never tried to drink gatorade pre run before. I had set my sights on 7 miles through the vast metropolis of Elkin city today. There were already several other runners out at the park when I had arrived. To be honest, while I no way/shape/form consider myself a runner it was still good to see others trying to better their health. Its almost like we are all part of the same fraternity or something. Everyone was nice and smiling as I ran by. I had no idea the path I was going to take today, all I know is that I needed to get in 7 miles. As I prayed for strength this morning, I also asked God to put some wings on my feet becuase I knew that today was going to be a challenge. From that point forward, I felt AMAZING. I hardly even broke a sweat and my breathing was incredible. I didnt even reach for my asthma inhaler once! I consider that a major accomplishment. I tried to focus on running up some pretty gruesome hills today and even those heels (woops) couldnt slow me down. 8.25 miles and 1.25 hours later, I completed my "7" mile long run for the week. This is what its all about right here!!!!
Weather: Chilly and overcast
Time: 7:30am
Pre Run Meal: Toast w/ natural peanut butter w/ honey drizzle
Clothes: shorts. Shoes. T-shirt. Hat
Course: Elkin Downtown-Jonesville Cherry-FBC Jonesville
Distance: 8.22 miles Time: 1:25:06 10:20/mile

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