Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25. Running at Night is different

My daughter had dance pictures tonight that lasted until dang near 10:00pm. My wife was with her while I had my baby daughter at home. I didn't get to hit the track until 10:00. PM. Thats fine, I like to do the extreme or whatnot, however for the entire run I felt like I was in the middle of the newest version of "I know what you did last summer." Not sure if you knew this or not, but there are lots of shadows at night that follow you while you run. Also, the lights go OUT as you run by them. Why? Why does that need to happen. FWIW I'm still miffed about my poor run from yesterday. I need to set a better pace. I do feel MUCH better than the day before. 
Weather: Misty and chilly
Time: 10:00pm
Pre Run Meal: Subway 12" Chicken/Roast Beef w/ the regular stuff
Clothes: 2 pair of shorts. Shoes. Tshirt. Hat
Course: Elkin track Distance: 3.05 miles Time: 30:26 9.59/mile
I was not really out to set any track records tonight, but I did want to keep up a decent pace for the entire run. I'll take it.

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