Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27. My wife makes me sick

Jana disgusts me. Thoroughly disgusts me. She goes out for a solid 4 mile stretch, comes home and looks like she just got back from the beauty parlor. I go out and run THREE miles and come home looking like I've been in a 3 hour bar fight, gasping for air, begging for oxygen and willing to drink water straight out of a septic tank. Up hers. That said, today was my last 3 miler before my long run tomorrow. Not a lot of food was to be had today, for I worked from home. Have mercy I felt amazing. Almost all of my ankle pain is gone and my calf also seems to be healing. One of the things I'm enjoying most about this running stuff is the scenery. For example, today right before I ran by a broken sewage line, I got to see two crack heads run from the police, only to be caught right in the middle of downtown! Tomorrow is the big 7 miler. We'll see how that goes.
Weather: Clear and Mild
Time: 6:300pm
Pre Run Meal: Some pringle type potato chips Clothes: shorts. Shoes. T-shirt. Hat
Course: Elkin Downtown
Distance: 3.10 miles Time: 30:25 9:49/mile

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